Most people lead busy lives, and they find the inconvenience and cost of auto repair to be a legitimate reason to skip service appointments. Drivers rely on their vehicles to get from one place to another within the area, and mechanics often see vehicles that go thousands of kilometres over the manufacturer’s recommended service interval. Below, drivers can learn several reasons why regular vehicle maintenance and WOF are important.

Proper Car Care is a Money Saver

Regular automotive service diminishes the chance of a serious breakdown or an expensive repair. Cars and 4WDs should be serviced according to the recommendations listed in the owner’s manual. By spending a little on maintenance now, a driver can save significantly on major repairs.

Increased Fuel Economy

Although fuel prices are down, filling up can still be costly for those who drive larger vehicles. With proper maintenance, a vehicle operates more efficiently and the driver saves money at the pump. For example, keeping Manukau tyres sufficiently inflated and well maintained can have a significant effect on a vehicle’s fuel economy.

Longer Vehicle Life

Service at regular intervals can increase a vehicle’s resale value, and it can help a new-car buyer maintain his or her warranty coverage. Quality maintenance, cleaning, and repairs are all crucial in maximising a vehicle’s value, both to the driver and when it is time to resell.

Proven Roadworthiness

Mechanics often see vehicles with potentially dangerous conditions—and the owners are unaware they exist. Faulty brake lights can occur due to a blown bulb or fuse, and the driver may not notice until there’s a rear-end collision. These problems can expose a driver to liability in an accident, and they put everyone’s safety in jeopardy.

Regular Wear and Tear

Engine oil gradually breaks down with use, and it degrades over time. After about a year, the oil no longer provides enough protection for the engine. Cold starts, short trips, high traffic, and dusty conditions can all affect a vehicle’s needs, and drivers who deal with these conditions may need more frequent oil and filter changes.

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