Throughout generations there has always been a drive to build companies that last and make lots of money. In the past a company worth more than $1 billion dollars was rare. These days however, things have changed and we are seeing more and more companies that are hitting the billion-dollar mark. Below we shall take a look at some of the best known startups that have grown into billion dollar companies.

  1.     Tesla

Tesla have really turned the car industry upside down. For decades the combustion engine has ruled the world. Whether its petrol or diesel, these power units were the only sensible choice.

Go back five years and Hybrid cars were being produced, but petrol and diesel still reigned supreme. Five years on and now electric-only cars are taking over.

Tesla not only build zero emission cars, but they also build them with style and luxury. Tesla was founded in 2003 and has grown to be worth billions of dollars. The companies’ successes have also recently seen them put a Tesla car into space. It is easy to see that Tesla will grow and grow as their cars become more commonplace. The technology that Tesla have produced is also starting to be seen in other vehicles.

Companies such as Tesla have the started the ball rolling in the world of electric cars and therefore we can only see Tesla increasing in its worth. Their influence will have a huge knock on effect and influence the motoring world in general.

For example, it will change the way we look anything from car repairs in Christchurch to car service in Tauranga, as these new electric type cars have different needs to the standard combustion engine. As the electric car market improves and grows, so will the number of places that you can get your car looked after and which car service locations on the North Shore, for example, will have the right knowledge. An auto electrician in Christchurch will have more dealings with the mechanics of the vehicle rather than just the electrical auxiliary components.

Christchurch car wrecker companies will also see an increase in business as consumers start to scrap older vehicles for new electric ones. Although not all petrol and diesel vehicles will be scrapped, more and more pressure will be on for countries to really make a stand and produce more green vehicles. Going green will benefit the environment and make companies like Tesla even more successful as they will further improve their zero emission vehicles.

  1.     Snapchat

Snapchat has been around for some time now, but it started life as a small start-up 6 years ago. Now, in 2018 Snapchat has become a global messaging phenomenon. Across the world, young and old have been accessing Snapchat to send picture or videos of their day. As social media is now a huge business, so are the individual apps that you can use.

Snapchat has come along just at the right time as the world is social media mad and this kind of medium has not been seen before. Snapchat is different to other social media apps as it all about sharing images and videos. Snapchat, like Tesla, are now worth billions.

  1.     Uber

Love them or hate them, Uber have changed the way we use taxis. In the past we have relied on local government or private taxi firms to get us around. However, across the world, this had now changed. Uber have developed their app so that they can operate a ride sharing service. In simple terms you can call an Uber that is near you via your phone. Through their app you can communicate with the driver to get prices, journey times and live information about their arrival time.

Uber has grown to be worth billions and is still growing and they have also ventured into other fields and now offer a food delivery service called Uber Eats. Uber Eats offers facilities such as the ability to select what you would like to eat via their app and you can also track the delivery of your food order in real time. All of this can be paid for using the Uber app.

  1.     Airbnb

10 years ago, Airbnb did not exist but now we are all familiar with the service that they offer. The basic concept is that you can find properties to rent, short term, for a holiday or a change of scenery. It has changed the way we think about holidays as we can now consider an Airbnb property versus just hotels and motels.

Whether you decide that you would like a break away locally or internationally, the way Airbnb works is that everybody is a winner. Buyers get a choice of staying in various properties, and the seller gets the revenue of renting their property out. Obviously, Airbnb gets money for the fees they charge, but if you do some careful searching, you can find some really good deals online.

  1.     Dropbox

Dropbox is now a part of our lives and it seems mad to think it was not always there. Dropbox has made it very easy to access your files on any device without having to carry around any storage devices. It has changed the way businesses can operate as your files are always accessible, no matter where you are. Dropbox has grown so much over the years, that the name Dropbox is often the first question people ask when asking about sharing files. The size of Dropbox now has made it a billion-dollar business.

So, as you can see from the above, no one can ever be sure of what success a start-up could be. A company may start small, but if their idea takes off and becomes successful, it can soon turn from a small venture into a billion-dollar concern. We’d suggest it’s time to get your thinking caps on!

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