Apps and cars and not mutually exclusive, they can work independently of each other but as technology has moved on, we now find that cars and applications have now become intertwined. Go back 20+ years, and your motor vehicle was a mode of transport that will transport you, your family and colleagues to a place of work or leisure. It didn’t matter how luxurious or not your car, it was an integral part of the family home. Modern-day cars have changed dramatically over the years and we will now take a look at some of the aspects where cars have changed dramatically and how the applications that are designed for smart devices have now infiltrated our vehicles for the better. 


As mentioned above, cars have changed dramatically over the years. Gone are the days when you just consider the repairs that your vehicle needs, such as wheel alignment or windscreen repair. The way that we now look after a vehicle is very different. Even if we look at vehicle finance at car dealerships, these aspects have also changed as well. The way that these have changed is very simple. We can now access all the information we need about car repairs or personal vehicles online. This kind of technology is nothing new and going online to purchase a product is something that we’ve done for a number of years now, so it doesn’t come as any surprise. However, if you really consider what is going on in the automotive industry, it is truly fantastic. 

We can now purchase a vehicle online and you can even build a new vehicle from a manufacturer using an application. As we have mentioned previously, purchasing a vehicle online is nothing new, but the applications that we can do this through are. We can choose between different vehicle types and different vehicle specifications. We can even choose between different manufacturers to make sure that the choices that we make suit our needs. Obviously, the ownership of a vehicle is very important, so you have to make sure that you are able to look after the vehicle once you have bought it. The good news is that if you need any repairs doing, you can now turn to an app, whereby you can search for companies and car garages who will be able to carry out the repairs for you, at a reasonable cost. 

The fantastic thing about applications being able to give us more information about a vehicle’s repairs is vital as it means you are able to look at reviews to ensure that the companies that are repairing your vehicle are able to complete the task you have put forward to them. A good example of this is automotive air conditioning service. It may be a relatively simple aspect to get serviced on your vehicle, but you can have a number of companies that are simply not up to the job of servicing your air conditioning. If, however, you look at apps or reviews that show which companies that doing a good job, you will be more inclined to use these outfits rather than just those companies who come up first on Google. 

Smart applications 

As we have touched on briefly, smart applications in vehicles are nothing new, but they have now started to infiltrate the actual vehicle itself. We now have vehicles that can communicate with the manufacturers directly about any faults that have occurred along with your driving history. Connecting a vehicle to an application that is linked to a manufacturer is fantastic for the manufacturers, as they are able to monitor the vehicles that are on the road. Manufacturers will be able to monitor anything that may go wrong or any potential faults, across the range of vehicles that they are producing. 

Apps could also be used for tracking a vehicle in the event of a theft. So, if a vehicle is fitted with a tracking device, an application can be used to see where that vehicle is located at any one time. Advances such as this have played a vital role in combating crime against vehicles. 

Many vehicles now have LCD interfaces that have applications on board. These are able to make other aspects, such as navigation, engine management, local weather and the auxiliary components easier to access which means you are able to get up to date information about your vehicle at the touch of a screen. 

Interactive touch screens have been seen in vehicles such as Tesla for a number of years, but now, other manufacturers are also producing a similar level of application on a range of vehicles.

Because the digital area has increased so much in the last 10 years, we now can go to a dealership and access all their information online as well as on any applications that they may have introduced. The vehicles that are sold are fully equipped so that they can communicate with the dealerships and the manufacturers, which means our vehicles are interactive pieces of equipment.

As time goes on, we want to see further developments in autonomous vehicles, which means cars will be able to drive themselves. This is a massive advancement, especially if someone is unable or unfit to drive a vehicle themselves. Eventually, when these vehicles have been given the green light, it will revolutionise the way we transport ourselves around. 

It’s clear to see that have been huge changes in the way vehicles have been produced and the kind of entertainment and products that they have on board. These advances will only get better and better and we will soon see more and more input from the digital area when it comes to our vehicles. 

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