Electric cars have now become the environmentalist’s best friend. The technological advancements that have been made with an electric power unit has really made the combustion engine seem dated. A question that is always asked is ‘are electric cars is good for the environment as market companies would suggest they are? For many years petrol and diesel-powered vehicles have dominated the world car market. Petrol was the smoother and move powerful reliable motoring option, whilst diesel was the cheaper and more fuel-efficient option to power your vehicle. During the early 2000’s, diesel vehicles became very popular as they could travel further on a tank of fuel their petrol equivalent. It’s only when electric vehicles started to become more popular that diesels started to see a decline in their sales figures. This put together with the scandal that hit Volkswagen, diesel vehicles helped cement the rise of electric cars.

Diesel and Petrol

The car industry has now embraced electric cars. Used car dealers and car wreckers are now starting to see more combustion engine vehicles come into their businesses. There is several diesel and petrol-powered vehicles readily available for sale and dismantlers are now starting to dismantle and break down older petrol and diesel vehicles in favour of electric ones. Lots of governments around the world have also started to put initiatives in place, whereby you can buy an electric vehicle at a discounted rate and they give you money towards the deposit so that you can purchase your new electric vehicle.


For a long time, cars have dominated our transport. Petrol and diesel options have been around for a long time and now we have seen a real influx of electric powered vehicles. The change started with hybrid – this is the type of vehicle that has a petrol engine as well as an electric backup. The petrol engine only kicks in when the electric unit has run out of charge. The advantage to this is better fuel economy and silent motoring, when it is in electric mode. The disadvantage of this is the fact that because it still has a petrol engine, they cannot be classed as zero omission vehicles. Next, the advent of the electric vehicle came about. Take for example the Nissan Leaf, this vehicle is produced as a fully electric vehicle, it was small and compact and had a reasonable range for its size. Other manufacturers like BMW have now produced the i3 and i8 which have really shown that you can mix luxury with power and refinement.


Some industries are looking to save money on their energy and the energy suppliers that they use. They are also looking at ways of cutting down on fuel costs. If for example you look at a warehouse, they may have several diesel forklift trucks indoors that pollute the environment when they are being used. This can make business owners want to invest in electric versions to help cut down any pollution. This change will also help reduce the running costs that are associated with running a fork lift truck.

Electric Forklifts

As mentioned above, many industries use forklift trucks. Some companies prefer to look at a truck to hire rather than to buy their own. They may even search for a tractor service as they may be able to assist in this area. If you have a type of company that is not bothered about new items, you can visit a used reach forklift for sale in your local area. They may have different options available. In some cases, they may even have electrics trucks available. Electric forklift trucks are often viewed as a very fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly product to have. However, we must remember that any battery-operated vehicle will need charging. The electricity used to charge the battery has to be produced by power stations. If the power stations burn fossil fuel, then electric cars are no different to standard cars. However, if the energy production is produced by a greener station like solar or wind then electric cars really are zero emissions.


The majority of the transport industry are looking at ways of cutting their emissions. Transport companies across the club are looking at new green ways to power their vehicles. For a long time, cars have looked for alternative methods of fuel. Motorcycles however have often lagged behind as they only usually powered by petrol. Motorcycles are often a hobby as well as a mode of transport. The cost of motorcycle gear can run into hundreds of dollars as you must buy a motorcycle helmet, motorcycle boots, appropriate clothing and this is all before you even get on the cycle itself. Many motorcycle manufacturers are now trying to produce an electric motorcycle which will cut down motorcycle emissions but to now, no one brand or manufacturer has managed to produce an electric motorcycle that is commonplace on the market.

To Conclude

So, as you can see from the above we have highlighted some of the areas that have had an impact from electric vehicles. As the technology improves so will the efficiency of the electric vehicles produced. We are now seeing more and more autonomous vehicles that are being developed that also will be powered by zero emissions power unit. As the world strives to become a green place, this will help electric cars become even more greener. In answer to the original question posed, are electric cars as good for the environment as we think, at the moment it seems that environmentally the new advancements have had an improvement on the environment, but it has to be said we still need to go further in the production of the raw materials to ensure that they are produced in an environmentally friendly way.

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