Car sharing or carpooling is something that is becoming more and more popular in New Zealand. The concept of carpooling is whereby the owner of the vehicle can put their vehicle on the market for somebody else to rent and use it for journeys that they may be required to take.

With the world getting more and more environmentally friendly, carpooling is something that car sharing companies are investing money into. There are a variety of vehicles on offer. From small compact style cars to the larger camper van style. Some of the sites offer a review of the person who has hired out their vehicle so that you can take a look at past experiences that people have had with a particular customer. As with all things of this nature, it is worth doing your research so that you are fully aware of all the terms and conditions.

Car sharing for locals and holidays makers has become a great alternative to the standard car hire firms that most of would normally use.

We’ll take a look at the pros and cons of putting your car up for car sharing and how it may affect car sales and even a car wrecker company/companies in the future, as if car sharing takes off to such a degree where it affects car ownership, this may affect the car sale industry.


There are many positives to offering your vehicle up for car sharing. The first and most obvious is that you are able to make money from your vehicle when it is not is use. Most of us own a vehicle for very simple journeys. For example, to and from work, or for the school run. After these journeys are completed, the vehicles we own are just sat in parking bays or driveways doing nothing. Car sharing will enable the owner of the vehicle the chance to make use of their vehicle’s down time and make it work for itself. The car will encounter greater wear on tear on items such as the tyres, but the money made from car sharing will cover this area easily.

Using more cars for car sharing purposes will help reduce the number of cars on the road which will help reduce pollution as there will be less of a need for car ownership.

Car sales may get affected but not necessarily in a negative way. Although the number of cars sold may drop, the types of cars people buy may change. There will be a need for more versatile cars that will cover a multitude of uses.

Car repairs and servicing is something to be considered when making your car available for a car sharing scheme. The more a car is driven, the more wear and tear it will suffer from, so make sure that you budget this aspect when you list your car.

Car sharing mainly cover all types of passenger vehicles from small cars to larger MPV’s and camper vans. At the moment motorcycles are not as popular. This could be down to many reasons such as motorcycle repairs which could include expensive motorcycle gear repairs which can be complicated. Also, the ownership of a motorcycle is a lot cheaper than the ownership of a car, so more people may just opt for just buying one.


As with any scheme, there are pros and cons. One of the negative aspects for car sharing is that your vehicle could be away for a number of days, so if you required it in that time, you would have to seek an alternative form of transport.

It is also worth remembering that some people may not look after your car as if it was their own, so you may have to spend more time cleaning it and repairing small bits of damage than you did before.

Many online companies offer a car sharing service, whereby you can list your vehicle and the site will market your car for you, so you don’t have to spend time advertising your vehicle yourself. This can all be done from home after you have taken some pictures of your vehicle.

Car sales may get affected as the need for more cars may reduce as mentioned above, but that said it doesn’t mean that car retailers have to suffer as they can sell higher value vehicles to counteract this.

If you live in a rural area, you may also notice that the need for car sharing is not as great when compared to larger cities. People living in larger cities with limited parking may not have their own vehicles, so the demand will be higher in these areas.

The use of your vehicle will depend on the need of the hirer. In some cases, the hirer will be using the vehicle for a day trip or they may just need it for a few hours. In some cases, hirers may want to take the vehicle over a longer period of time.  

Final Points

Overall, the positives of car sharing outweigh the negatives. Your vehicle can be put to good use when it is not in use, which is better for the environment and can also help you with the running costs of your vehicle. There are sites that show a map of where each vehicle is and the cost to hire it on an hourly or daily basis. You can have images of your vehicle along with a full description of the features your car has. The images will show its quality and tidiness and the description will give the hirer all the information that they need, so that the person hiring your vehicle is sure it meets all of their needs. So why not take a look at some sites offering this service and list your vehicle today.

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