The automobile industry continues to experience great improvements associated with self-driving features. This trend is expected to advance with the large scale adoption of 5G networks. The current 4G network possesses speed suitable to stream full HD online content and play video games but it’s not enough to support the development of safe and smart self-driving cars. When 5G networks emerge, it will play a major role in the development of self-driving cars thereby improving their speed and safety. 5G holds great potential to achieve peak speed up to 20times faster than the current 4G LTE, though this may further increase as development continues. The additional speed and capacity will enable self-driving cars to become fully connected to each other during all times and not just to the internet. 


Large and high-speed connectivity is important to ensure a successful deployment of connected and self-driving vehicles. As data is generated by connected self-driving cars, it enables the data to be assessed and converted into useful information that guides the course of decision making. Self-driving cars require deep data processing capabilities needed to imitate the timing of human actions. This will in effect lead to building a solid foundation for the services from which both customers and businesses will derive benefit from.

The 5G network technology is expected to generate an ultra-fast, super reliable and fully responsive network to boost overall connectivity with almost everything around us. It will also provide an opportunity to leverage the full potential of advanced techs like machine learning, artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Self-driving cars make use of a large number of sensors to make cars smarter and faster. 

These sensors produce unmatched sizes of data, greater than any other internet of things adoption would. The current 4G technology is incapable of handling, processing and analysing this exceptional amount of data. 5g which is expected to be much faster network will enable the procession of this size of data. In addition, a newer technology that is expected to accompany the launch of the much-awaited 5G network will provide self-driving cars with an advanced skill- the ability to communicate with one another. This presents an exciting possibility for the automobile industry. This advanced skill is used for vehicle to vehicle connectivity or vehicle to everything connectivity (c-v2x) which involves more than a vehicle to infrastructure connectivity, or vehicle to pedestrian connectivity. The c signifies that the communication takes place on the same cellular network used by phones. This type of communication technology will enable self-driving cars to communicate wirelessly with each other, road infrastructure, and traffic signal. They will also be able to make calculated moves when merging into lanes or taking turns at stop signs. This is similar to a human driver making eye contact as they drive along the road. These features are also possible due to Its far lower latency which means the data shared between two 5G devices is almost instantaneous. For instance, the time that is taken between a sensor detecting damage on the road and a cloud-based server being aware of potential danger. This near-immediate response could also help reduce the chances of traffic fatalities as the car itself will be aware of any danger almost immediately, even those happening hundreds of meters ahead instead of what its sensors will detect alone.

Your car will be able to link a trip with traffic colours by communicating with traffic signals. The adoption of this technology should initially assist conventionally driven cars- for instance, providing you with info concerning icy or damaged roads which could ruin your tyres. If you’re looking to enhance the safety of your tyres, visit a tyre shop with durable safety tyres. With the extra speed of 5G, Smarter self-driving cars will make decisions on their own rather than try to avoid problems or leaving the control for a human to handle. 


Another important reason why 5G is crucial for the growth of self-driving cars is the introduction of specific safety measures in the car. For instance, on your way to the transmission specialist, or a car grooming appointment, if your self-driving car fails to navigate as a result of traffic congestion caused by a road accident. The autopilot feature could redirect control over to you. However, this may not be possible if the driver is disabled or elderly. This has to lead many tech organisations to test the potential of remote pilots, which are trained drivers reserved away in a simulator that can take control immediately. However, to bring this to reality, high speed and secure connection offered by 5G will be paramount.


With the 5G network’s ultra-fast speed and higher capacity, a better range becomes of importance. Though it’s still unclear as to how that will be possible a greater number of towers and repeaters will have to be deployed to maintain strong signals. Some automakers have already become a part of the 5G Automotive industry. Others like Ford have announced on their decision to equip vehicles with c-v2x, starting in 2022.


If you’re concerned about self-driving cars on the road, remember the evolution of smart connected phone devices over the past decade, it probably seemed unimaginable for you to call someone at the other end of the world through a phone. Today, that doesn’t seem so impossible, doesn’t it? You cant imagine a day will go by without the possibility of talking to friends and family anywhere in the world. The evolution of technology and networks provide useful advancements to the world. 5G is expected to make self-driving cars secure and safer. Even as you take your car for a full car service or vehicle service, you can worry less about the safety of self-driving cars and embrace the possibility of seamless driving experience. A major part of this is still based on concepts and theories but development is active with the hopes of 5G bringing a new era of driving on the road. Also, ensure you’re legally compliant by taking A WOF assessment.

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