The automotive industry is more competitive than ever with such huge changes in the way that we drive our vehicles. Whether it’s vehicle servicing, looking for a mechanic or just looking for car finance in general, the industry is full of different aspects that customers can benefit from.

Small automotive firms will struggle against larger firms because the overheads that the smaller firms have will be greater than the larger firms comparatively. Larger automotive businesses will be able to offer better deals than smaller firms as they will have access to a car finance calculator that will be able to calculate the amount of finance that a customer is able to have. These deals will be available from smaller firms, however, the calculators that they use may be more generic and not tailored to an individual price for a vehicle. It’s this kind of consumer experience that can often make small automotive firms struggle in a competitive industry as when you buy a car on finance, you have to make sure you are getting the right deal for you. You have to make sure that there are other automotive services or mechanical services that can be included in the final price you are offered. In some cases, getting the right deal from a larger firm can be easier, but don’t discount the smaller firms as there may be certain things that they are able to do to give you that personal experience.

Some smaller firms may specialise in a particular type of vehicle, for example, 4×4’s as they may be able to get access to things such as 4x4tyres or sunday tyres can cover all types and aspects of repairs at a lower cost. Therefore, this is another reason why it’s worth considering firms that a smaller for this reason. 

Larger firms may have the ability to allow you to buy vehicles online. This is a great selling point for customers as it makes the buying process for their vehicles very easy. A firm that has the ability to be able to allow you to go online will have invested large amounts of money into the product and the interface to enable you to be able to do this. Smaller firms, on the other hand, may not have the budget to be able to develop such technology, so you still have to do the traditional methods of going down to the small dealership to purchase your vehicle. 

Let’s now take a look at some of the pros and cons of smaller firms versus larger firms when it comes to buying vehicles. 

As we’ve mentioned above, smaller firms can often be a small family-run affair who provide a real bespoke service. This can make you feel like you are getting a real personal service. The products that are on offer will be similar to those that can you get from a  larger company, but there may be slight differences in the way that they are delivered. If you have an established relationship with your small car dealership this is often a better prospect than going to a larger firm. 

Buying a vehicle is regarded as the second biggest purchase that most of us make therefore you have to ensure that your money is going to the right place. This way not only will you get the right vehicle for you, but you will also get the right service too. Sometimes larger firms can be soulless and just become a money-making machine. Although they may offer the latest technology and have a wide variety of choice, this does not necessarily mean that they are the best option. Smaller firms have now come up to the challenge of making sure that they can compete in an ever-changing market too. 

Larger firms will promote their service and value to you against smaller firms, but it has to be said that when a person visits a larger manufacturing firm that supplies vehicles, the personal touch is not often there and you become a number on a sheet, rather than an individual customer. 

For smaller firms to compete in an ever-changing market, they have to ensure that they keep up with the latest trends and movements in the automotive industry. As we’ve all seen, it has been documented quite extensively that environmental issues are becoming a major part of our psyche. If smaller automated businesses can adopt to fit these changes, they will be able to survive with relative ease as they will be supplying what the market desires. It’s not just the vehicle that they are selling that is important, it is also about the products and services that they offer around them. If these products and services are offered in such a way where they are also environmentally friendly, this will make sure that they are robust and be able to survive competition from larger firms.

The differences between larger firms and smaller firms in the automotive industry can be vast. However, that does not mean that smaller firms do not have their place in the industry. Many of us still like to use family-run or smaller businesses to help support our local communities. This is often because smaller businesses support the local infrastructure of a local town. Supporting local businesses is something we should all think about as after all, it drives the local economy and it also helps to build investments from other companies that will deal with your smaller automotive firms. 

Smaller firms will also play an integral role in the automotive industry as they are usually the backbone of smaller towns and villages. If these types of firms are used correctly they will survive, even in the hardest of economic times. 

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