Electric cars are here to stay and it doesn’t matter how much we try to avoid these vehicles, the environmental changes that we are all seeing need to be addressed. For a number of years, the car manufacturing industry has tried to look at making sure our vehicles keep up with current regulations in relation to the environment. For a long time, petrol and diesel vehicles dominated the automotive industry. Now we’ve hit a time where petrol and diesel vehicles are going to become in short supply. The car manufacturing industry has now looked at hybrid and electric vehicles to move forward with the pollution issues the world is facing.

Car dealers have also started to play their part in this by stocking more environmentally friendly vehicles and making sure customers are fully aware of what is available. The struggle at the moment is establishments that sell best used cars, as they have to deal with all the old products on the market. As you can imagine, this type of stock may not necessarily be the most cost-effective and yield friendly products, to have on your forecourt. Going forward, even cars loan finance may be affected by the growing demand for electric vehicles.

The technology present in electric cars is astounding. These vehicles can compete with the speed and performance of a standard petrol or diesel vehicle and offer zero-emissions. They are quiet, user-friendly and offer a level of luxury which is comparable to any other luxury vehicle on the market today. Electric car technology is improving all the time, with original electric vehicles battery issues were prevalent, whereby the charge would not last long enough to support a long drive. Many vehicles now offer range extender versions that are able to compete with diesel equivalents.

We will now take a look at some of the aspects that are changing the motor industry in relation to electric cars.


We hear about climate change on a daily basis and we are all very concerned about the number of carbon emissions which are emitted into the atmosphere. Nobody will argue that there is not a problem with the environment, however, fixing it is more difficult than we initially thought. We rely on our vehicles to get us to and from work or for our social pleasure. However, if we decide to change to electric vehicles, it may be very difficult for countries to change the infrastructure already in place, i.e to have charging points readily available when the vehicle is away from his home.

Governments around the world are now looking at ways to make sure that there are more charging points available at workplaces, shopping centres and also in some rural areas. It’s not just charging points that are an issue as at the moment, electric vehicles are also very expensive. Getting hold of these vehicles at a reasonable price can be very difficult and this is even more so if you have two cars in your family. Many families are opting to change one of their vehicles to an electric vehicle to see how they get on, with the view that they may change their second vehicle to an electric vehicle, at a later date. The uncertainty around the way forward for the motor industry makes car buyers nervous about buying these vehicles. There is also an implication that electric vehicles need power to charge their battery and this power often comes from power stations which also creates pollution.


The mindset of the average motorist has not changed over the years and in our DNA, we all have the desire to hang on to petrol and diesel vehicles. For years and years, these vehicles have been so simple and easy to operate and also we had to do is fill them up with fuel, drive them and then refill them one again with fuel. Electric vehicles are a little different as we will no longer need to fill them up with fuel, instead, we will need to make sure we charge them regularly, in a similar way that we charge our mobile phones. Once we have this as part of our everyday routine, electric vehicles should be able to compete with petrol and diesel equivalents much easier.

The change in this mindset has been the biggest in a generation, as we are also seeing autonomous vehicles that control themselves. None of us really know what direction the automotive industry is going to end up going in, however, the type of money that’s been invested in these products indicates that this is the way forward.

The mindset of motorists can be changed over time. With any new concept or the introduction of new technology, we are all sceptical at first, but we soon end up in possession of it and start to use it on an everyday basis.

As mentioned above, the same can be said for smartphones. When they were first introduced, it was argued that people would begin to run their loves from them. People were sceptical, but in 2020, the majority of us have access to some from a smartphone and we use it to run our banking, social lives and business through it.

So as you can see, electric vehicles look like they’re here to stay. The technology used in them is constantly improving and so is the reliability of the charging process. Once these vehicles are fully up to speed, we will see a massive influx of electric vehicles taking over from petrol and diesel and these vehicles will become more of a permanent fixture on our roads

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