Motorbikes and cars are not only great modes of transport, they are also hobbies for some people. As with any product you buy, you will always want the best possible performance from it. The same can be said for cars and motorcycles. To start with, try to research the best used motorcycles so that you are armed with the most up to date information. Whether it is brand new or a second-hand motorcycle, there are a number of ways to get the best performance out of your machine. Let’s take a look at some of the ways of how you could increase the performance of your bike and some ways it could improve the safety too.

The Engine

Although this may seem like an obvious place to start, many motorbikes already have a powerful engine for the type of machine that they are. However, you could still look at certain parts of the engine. Most motorbikes need regular maintenance as they are mainly used when the weather is good, so they do have a lot of down time. Use high grade fuels with additives to keep the carburettors or injectors clear. You could also look to upgrade any air or fuel filters to improve flow. This will help the engine performance. Going to your local garage for a tune up will also help to maintain your bikes performance. In the engine there are many components that could be upgraded, so it worth spending time looking into areas that would improve performance. Some of the other performance enhancing upgrades could also affect engine output without being directly linked to the working components of the engine.

The Exhaust

Exhaust have more than one function. The primary function is to get rid off the gas built up from the engine, whilst neutralising the gases. The second function is performance. Fitting a performance exhaust can in some cases increase the brake horse power (BHP) thus giving you greater performance. Exhausts also have a third function. The sound that they produce can add a thrill element to the rider. Although this final function may not be performance enhancing, it does help with the overall experience of riding your motorcycle.


The suspension on a motorcycle helps with the comfort, but it could also assist with the performance and road safety. The role of your suspension is to ensure that the wheels and tyres are kept in contact with road. Upgrading your suspension will help to improve road handling and improve performance, as traction will be improved. Motorcycles consist of front forks and spring and shock absorbers for the back wheel. Once these areas have been upgraded, not only will you as the rider see a better performance, you will also notice an improvement in the handling.  


The brakes on a motorcycle will need to be upgraded if you have increased the performance from the original specification. Upgrading the brakes should not be overlooked as this is safety critical. The braking system needs to be able to cope with any increase in performance. The same can be said for the tyres. We will cover this below as the tyres are crucial in increasing performance, but they are equally crucial in stopping the vehicle.

The Tyres

Tyres have always been one of the first areas to look at when trying to increase or get the best performance from any motor vehicle. As tyres are the only contact with the road, making sure your tyres are up to the job is vital. Look at tyre reviews to give you an idea on the differences between different tyres. If you a looking at pure performance, i.e. speed, then you will need a high-end sports racing tyre. You will have to check if they are road legal, but these types of tyres offer the most grip. All weather tyres are often the best option as these will offer a good level of performance in all conditions. Tyre brand can also have an impact as some manufactures are better suited to certain makes than others. It is good practice to check with your motorcycle manufacturer to see what they recommend.


Once you have decided on your mechanical upgrades, you must make sure that you keep it regularly serviced. Regular serving will repair or replace worn or damaged parts and make sure all lubricants are at the correct level. Motorbikes will not only last longer, but they will also help to maintain your motorbike performance for longer. Regular oil changes will help reduce any carbon build up which again will aid the motorbike’s performance. Having a fully serviced motorbike will also help holds its value, therefore the motorbike will be worth more at resale and will give the new owner confidence in the fact that the motorbike has been looked after.

The Rider

The rider also has to consider what they wear when riding a motorcycle. If you wear baggy or loose clothing, this can cause drag and will reduce the performance of the bike. Fitted leather or fitted motorcycle wear is by far the safest and most aerodynamic way of riding. The rider should also look at the motorbike in general i.e. carrying heavy luggage can also cause drag. Drag is term used to describe the effect an object has on air flow. Bikes need smooth air for maximum performance.

As you can see from the above, there are a number of ways in which a motorcycle’s performance can be improved. The type of motorcycle you have, will affect what modification you can have. Before you embark on a performance enhancing project, it is worth looking at all the options as some modifications may not improve the performance enough to warrant the price that you will have to pay.

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