If you are the owner of any form of truck you will understand the importance of maintenance and care of your truck. In this article we will take a look at how to keep your truck running its best, whether you have a forklift truck, a truck crane or a general truck.

Forklift Trucks

A forklift truck needs to be well maintained because of the nature of the work that they are involved in and undertake. If you have an issue with your forklift truck then forklift truck parts or forklift spare parts are relatively easy to source. You can head online or visit a truck service centre to ensure that any serviceable parts are kept up to date in and in good condition and thus avoiding expensive truck repairs.

Truck Crane

A truck crane, like a forklift truck has to be well maintained and looked after because of its important role. Truck cranes are often used outdoors, in varying conditions. This means they could be subject to corrosion. Rust repairs may need to be undertaken to maintain the structural integrity of your truck crane.

General Trucks

This section is for if  you have a standard truck, i.e. a tipper or a dumper truck. These are used to haul heavy material from one location to another. the stresses and wear and tear that these trucks undertake mean that the truck tyres are prone to wear and damage. As tyres are a safety critical part, regular checking and maintenance will help you to avoid expensive truck repairs.

We will now provide with some tips to consider to make sure that you keep your truck running at its best.

  • Fluid levels

All machinery will have some form of fluids levels that need checking regularly. This could be oil, brake, washer, hydraulic or gear box oils. All of these are very important when it comes to a smooth-running truck.

  • Lights

This is one area that is fairly easy to miss as the lights on your truck may not be used very often, especially if you use your truck during the day. However, the lights on your truck are an important safety feature as even in daylight areas, as lights warn others of your presence and your intentions. Additionally, if your truck contains any highway related lighting, legally these would need to be working.

  • Oil Change

Oil is the blood of your truck’s engine and it needs to be in good condition at all times. Most oils lose their properties over a period of time, which therefore makes it an important aspect to change regularly.

  • Tyre Rotation

As mentioned above, the tyres on a truck are very important as they are part of the safety of your truck. Replacing worn tyres with good quality ones is always the best practice, however rotating your tyre around the vehicle is a good way of prolonging the life of your tyres. The reason for rotating them is because all tyres wear at different rates, depending on where they are positioned.

  • Balancing Tyres

Tyre balancing, like rotation, help to prolong the life of your tyre as tyres that are incorrectly balanced can cause excess wear and therefore the vehicle can become unstable. Balancing your tyres relates to how often you use the vehicle. If the truck is in high use then you will need to get your tyres balanced more often.

  • Filters

All engines need clean air and they operate better when they have good quality air passing through their filters. Over time your filters can become blocked with debris and this restricts the air flow to your engine. This restriction can cause the engine to suffer excessive wear which is not normal. Therefore, one way of keeping your truck running at its best it to regularly clean and replace the filters within the truck.

  • Servicing

In the past servicing was seen as something that was done to maintain a warranty. However, regular servicing has been proven to prolong the life and quality of your vehicle. Servicing doesn’t only consider the replaceable parts, a service will also change and top up fluid levels, maintain your warranty and if you sell your truck the next buyer will be able to see that the truck has been well maintained.

  • Driving and Operating Conditions

The operating conditions that your vehicle will be used in can determine how often the vehicle needs inspecting. If you work in a dusty, hot environment you may notice that your lubricants need topping up more regularly. Another aspect to always bear in mind is the kind of wear and tear you put on your truck. The way that your truck is used affects how it needs to be maintained. It is worth speaking to your local mechanic who can advise you on the best ways to keep your truck running its best, whilst bearing in mind the kinds of roads that you use or the loads that you carry.

  • Cleaning

It’s important to clean your truck regularly, both the inside and the outside. Cleaning is not just so that your truck looks nice, it’s also important to prevent dirt becoming a bigger issue.

  • Alignment

If you ever feel that your truck is pulling to one side then it’s probably due for a wheel alignment. Misalignment occurs when trucks are driven aggressively over difficult terrain and at high speeds. The reason why alignment is important is because misalignment causes wear and tear, poor handling and burns fuel. Other causes of a truck pulling to one side are weight on one side of the truck or wheels that are not inflated equally. Make sure that all wheels have been inflated equally and any load is spread across your truck.

By taking note of our advice you will soon see that your truck runs well and all being well, offers you many years of use.

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