Who is Trade Me?

Trade Me is a New Zealand based company that trade online. It is a site where people from New Zealand can buy and sell new and used items on an auction-based system. Customers are able to bid for items as they would at an auction, or pay for an item at a ‘fixed price’ as they would do in any online store. Trade Me does not just offer its customers the ability to buy and sell, it also has a section for insurance, holiday homes, dating and an extensive section on motoring.

Oversized Items

The types of items that we will take a look at in this article are oversized items and focus on how such items are transported when using Trade Me.

As you will be aware, transporting large items can be problematic as large items cannot just be easily posted. If you purchase an item from Trade Me that is larger or oversized there are certain things have to be considered.

Firstly, you have to consider if the item is worth transporting or if there is a need for it to be transported? Say for example you have bought or sold an oversized item, you will have to decide on how it will be transported from the seller to the buyer. The obvious choice would be to consider truck transport in Auckland, for example. Transporting by truck for large items is usually the best option and many couriers are available on Trade Me that are able to transport these oversized goods.

Oversized Items that you can purchase from Trade Me?

We will now give you some examples of the kinds of oversized items you can purchase on Trade Me – some fairly normal, and some rather extravagant!

  1.      A Motor Vehicle

Trade Me has a separate section called ‘Motor Web’ whereby you can look at vehicle reports and insurance for the vehicle that you purchase. Having this information all under one roof saves you time as you don’t then have to search the web for these different aspects. It’s a hassle-free way of getting your car on the road once it’s been purchased and delivered by Trade Me.

  1.      Farming Equipment

On Trade Me you can purchase all kinds of farming related paraphernalia from a tractor wheel through to the tractor itself. It is worth also noting that before you purchase any used heavy machinery, it is worth making sure that heavy machinery maintenance has been undertaken on certain large items so that you are aware of the condition of the product that you are considering purchasing.

  1.      Air Craft

It may come as a shock but if you’re in the market for an aircraft then don’t be surprised to find one on Trade Me. Currently, there are a number of Cessna’s available for sale. Make sure you have read the full advert, so you have a proper understanding of what they are selling. Particularly with aircraft.

  1.      A Forklift Truck

NZ forklifts are a very popular item on Trade Me and there are many available with varying price ranges. As you can appreciate that once you have purchased one of these items it is not straightforward when it comes to delivery so you will need to seek the various courier services that Trade Me offer and decide on the best one to suit your needs. For example, if you’re after a 5 tonne forklift versus a small and lightweight one, your deliver options will hugely differ.

  1.      Furniture

If you’ve looking to move house, thinking about renovating or like to upscale furniture then Trade Me is a great place to start looking for furniture related items. You can purchase items such as chairs, sofas, beds, bedroom furniture, children’s furniture, outdoor furniture, to name but a few. When buying used furniture, don’t forget to take measurements to ensure the items you are considering actually fit in your home. Remember also not just to check the space where it is going to be placed but also any entrances that it may need to fit in before you purchase.

  1.      Motor Homes / Caravans

If you’re planning on taking a road trip vacation this year, then a motor home/caravan may be an item that you want to purchase. On Trade Me there are many motor homes /caravans available both new and used. You can also look to purchase accessories for your motor home/caravan on Trade Me.

  1.      Marine

If you’re heading to the seas then Trade Me have an extensive section selling items such as motorboats, yachts, dinghies, jet skis, marina berths and rowboats. As you can imagine having this level of marine equipment will bring its issues. Again, make sure you have done your research when buying marine equipment.

Consider things like the storage space you have or any fees you incur if you have to store your marine equipment away from your home. As marine equipment can be costly, checking the history of the product you are interested in is vital, as you will be then armed with information about the product that you will be able to deal with, without any hidden surprises.

  1.      Motorbikes

Whether you are a looking for a 125cc or a fire breathing 1000cc, Trade Me have many motorbikes available for purchase. Two things to consider when buying a used motorbike:

–          Make sure you have checked its history – On the Trade Me website, there is a whole section on checking the history of used vehicles.

–          Make sure you have done your research– you may have fallen in love with a particular bike but be sure it’s the one for you by requesting a test ride. This is the best way to save disappointment.

As you can see from the above there is not much that you can’t purchase from Trade Me so whether its big or small, Trade Me have the solution to getting your purchase to your home.

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