The automotive industry has enjoyed being a part of our lives for well over 100 years. We can now all look back at the cars that we travelled in as children, right up to the car that we now own as adults. In many cases they will evoke some fond memories. As cars have developed, they have become more than just a means from getting from A to B. We now demand that our cars offer a level of entertainment and comfort that has never been seen before. Let’s take a look at some of the manufacturers and their advancements to see how the changes have taken place.

  1. Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz is one of the most luxurious car brands across the world. Whether it’s their online vehicle service or the latest technology that they install in their range topping S-Class, Mercedes will always be one of the leaders of the pack in the car industry. Mercedes are known for building well built, luxury vehicles that are mechanically world renowned and filled with great technology. Automotive heating and air conditioning are something that Mercedes pride themselves in. Take for example their S-Class which we mentioned previously. This vehicle can seat five people, all of whom have their own heating zones, independent of each other. You can be massaged by the seat whilst on your journey, reaffirming the reputation of this vehicle and its manufacturer. One of Mercedes main rivals, however, is BMW.

  1. BMW

BMW is arguably one of the best brands in the world. Like Mercedes, they offer high level, luxury vehicles. However, what BMW manage to do extremely well is add a sporty touch to that finesse. Although Mercedes is known for their Formula 1 dominance on the race track, BMW have managed to take their sporting heritage and put it on the roads. Their world-renowned M Series cars offer a huge amount of power, luxury and an appearance that has not yet been seen in another car manufacturer. Car grooming vehicles is something that BMW’s will enjoy as their vehicles are designed to make a statement. They are also world leaders in producing zero emission vehicles which they market under their i brand. Love them or hate them, BMW’s speak for themselves.

  1. Volkswagen/Audi

The Volkswagen group contains more than one brand: Audi, Bentley and Bugatti are all owned by Volkswagen, thus making this group a super power amongst the car industry. They are known for building mass produced, high quality vehicles under their Volkswagen brand, and they are also known for building luxury vehicles under their Audi brand. Unlike Mercedes and BMW, Audi have never really truly been able to reach the levels of the other two German behemoths. However, there are other areas of their brand where they have excelled.

Take for examples their dealerships. If you take your car for a full car service, you will often be confronted with a fully automatic procedure. You usually book your car in, then arrive at the service site where you can pull directly in the service bay. This is usually under cover and you can then get out into a fully furnished showroom. This is fantastic as you are able to have the confidence that you can take your vehicle for service without having to be exposed to the elements. This is a great selling point, particularly if you live in a country with variable weather.  

  1. Jaguar

Jaguar is one of those brands that plod away in the background, building some exquisite motor cars. In past years, Jaguar could have been regarded as the leader of the pack. They were known for building luxury vehicles that used to transport heads of governments and royalty. Built in Britain, they were once so opulent that if you owned one you were either gentry or bourgeoisie. In 2018, now owned by Tata, they have lost their opulent image and now produce a variety of vehicles. From a business point of view, this is great news as they are now accessible to more consumers, but the die-hard petrol head amongst us feel that they have lost an element of their prestige.

However, it has to be mentioned, they also build the F-Type jaguar which is a sports car that turns the heads of most. Boasting of a beautiful design with an engine note to die for, car dismantlers around the world have often relished the prospect of getting in an older jaguar to dismantle, as their parts can often generate a high yield since they are very expensive to start with.

  1. Honda

Honda may seem like an odd choice of manufacturer that controls the car industry. However, Honda does not only build cars, they also supply engines. Currently in Formula 1, Honda supplies McLaren and are also going to be supplying for Red Bull in 2019. These Formula 1 manufacturers are big hitters in this sport and for these companies to have the confidence in a manufacturer demonstrates the impact and reputation that Honda must have.

  1. Renault

Renault, like Honda, seem like a peculiar choice. However, once again they have been in Formula 1 for a great number of years and they have lifted the constructors championship in Formula 1 a number of times. This therefore shows their engineering dominance. It’s also worth noting that Renault and Nissan are part of the same company and Nissan too have a great reputation for reliability when it comes to their engines.

Above we have mentioned 6 car manufacturers that control the auto industry. However, it would be unfair to limit it to these 6 alone. There are many other auto manufacturers such as Ford, General Motors, Toyota/Lexus, Ferrari and Porsche for example, all of who contribute hugely to this colossal industry.

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