The ownership of a vintage car is something that could be both positive and negative. In most cases, the positives outweigh the negatives as the negatives are simply down to the maintenance and repair and running costs of such an old vehicle. However, in most cases those aspects don’t put off the owners of vintage cars as they often deal with this process themselves.

The type of vintage vehicle that you own or are looking to buy will often indicate how much it will cost you to maintain. The expensive and more luxury brands will cost far more than your standard vintage vehicle, as the parts and rarity of the experts will push up the cost of the maintenance. Let’s now take a look at some of the aspects that will affect the maintenance and repair of a vintage vehicle.


Car storage for your vintage vehicle is an important thing to consider. You will need storage for your vehicle and you will also need an undercover working space for those times when you want to do some maintenance. In some cases, you may have to get a specialist involved to help you prepare a particular part, which would mean the vehicle would need transporting to their garage. However, day-to-day maintenance or storage will need to be done by yourself, so factor this in when you’re deciding which vehicle you want.

It is also at this point worth considering a luxury vehicle. These vehicles will often be larger than the more mass-produce standard vehicle, which means they will require more space. Once you’ve decided on the space that you require, it is then time to think about other aspects such as ventilation and access. If you are planning on undertaking paint repairs, then you will need to consider the ventilation in your storage unit.

The Engine

The engine in a vintage car is one of the most important aspects to look after. Regular maintenance of the component parts is the best way of ensuring that you do not end up with a hefty repair bill. You have to remember that the vintage car will not be used every day so the risk of parts seizing increases as the car is stood idle. Pay particular attention to the cooling system, as radiator maintenance and inspection is another aspect that you really must keep on top of. The risk of the engine overheating will not only damage the radiator components, it will also affect the engine itself.  

It is also advisable that when you’ve checked the engine and cooling systems, that you also make sure that you check all the fluid levels in the vehicle too. Oil, brake fluid, and coolant are all vital liquids that you must ensure are at the right level and are not spoiled in any way.

The Body

The interior and exterior of a vintage car is something that will set you apart when it comes to other vintage cars and this depends on its quality. A rust free, highly polished exterior will give your vehicle an extra special touch. The interior and the car upholstery also needs to be of the same high standard. There is no point in having a clean car on the outside whilst the inside of the vehicle lets it down.

Pay particular attention to the dashboard and seats, as these are the most visible areas of your vehicle. You may also find that getting spare parts for a vintage vehicle can be difficult. You may need to contact other specialists that may have second hand parts that have been restored. Don’t be tempted to put any aftermarket products that have been adopted for your vehicle, as original parts are always the best when it comes to giving it an original look.

Going back to the exterior – this is made up of the body, the windows and the accessories such as the lights and wheels, which finish off the overall look.  Make sure the windows are clean and the seals are all intact. If your window seals have perished and are letting in water, you could run the risk of corrosion. The same can be said for the body of the vehicle, as it may not be galvanized. Therefore, make sure that it is clean and soap free and stored correctly when not in use.

The interior should be regularly cleaned and checked for any signs of rot or damage. It is easy to sometimes neglect the interior, especially if you have a shiny exterior, you may feel the illusion that all is well. Overall, spending some extra time on making sure that the vehicle is as good on the inside and the outside is very important.

The Tyres

The tyres on a vehicle are the first and only point of contact with the road. Tyre specialists will be able to advise you on the best tyres for your vehicle. They may have a number of tyre specials that they can make you aware of which may be able to enhance the handling and the performance of the vehicle in question. This is one area where you should not skimp on the quality of the product, as tyres are a safety critical part that should be taken very seriously, especially for your vintage car.

As you can see, there are a number of ways in which you can look after and maintain your vintage car. The ways we have mentioned above and the things to consider are the basic aspects that you need to know before you embark on the ownership of a vintage vehicle. Contacting a specialist for your particular brand and this is also a great way of making sure that your vehicle is the once that you have always desire to own.

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