Freight isn’t one of those things you think of often. In fact, it might be something that’s never crossed your mind before. We all purchase goods online or maybe send a package here and there, but when it comes to sending items in bulk as an individual or business, we might be a bit lost. Most people will never need to consider freight either, until that moment when they actually do, and are overwhelmed by how to ship via freight. Ocean, air, and ground freight are the most common types, but which kind suits what kind of items that need to be sent?

When businesses or individuals need to send something, they very rarely know the full cost of the process, unless they are a business that uses the service often. This can lead to a big surprise when doing the research on sending their items, products, or goods.

The key to sending items via freight is to be prepared and aware of all the costs, including the hidden ones, before you choose a freight company to go with. This article will review some ways that you may not have thought of using freight before, and what to look out for in costs.

Sending goods

As a business that needs to send goods across the country or overseas, especially bulk goods,  one thing you need to be aware of is the potential for forklift costs. Forklift hire may be required for the loading of your goods, and may be on you as the business to budget for. Certain freight companies may include loading as part of their cost, but be aware and do your research to determine if you will need to shell out for the cost of a folklift yourself.

When looking for a forklift to hire, make sure you know all the factors of your need before researching forklifts. For example, you should know how heavy your items are, and how many loads there will be. You should also have an idea of how long you think it will take to load your shipments so you can budget accordingly. Ask the forklift hire company if they rent out the forklift with insurance automatically, or if you need to purchase that on your own. In addition, make sure you get a copy of the rental agreement and you’ve read through it thoroughly.

Sending autos

Another way you may need to use freight that you haven’t thought of, and something that will add up in costs, is when needing to dispose of vehicles. Many freight services will move cars for you via truck or train, but can be quite expensive depending on the state of the vehicles. You may be required to use a car wrecking service to dismantle the vehicle or crush and compress it for freight travel.

Moving house

You’ve made the decision, it’s final, and it’s time to start moving out of your house. You’re starting to pack up your belongings and are tossing or giving away what you don’t need, and boxing up the rest. For most people, hiring a moving company or even doing it yourself is the best option. But what about those that are moving across the country? Or, perhaps even moving across the world? Even the best moving company won’t be able to move you from New Zealand to Ireland, or anywhere else in the world.

Most families or individuals have to look to freight as their option for moving their home in this situation. Air freight will be your fastest option, to quickly get you into your new home across the world. It’s also one of the safest methods, with little risk of theft or damage to your goods as air traffic is so regulated. You will know the exact arrival time, and can use that information to coordinate delivery to your new home.

Ocean freight is a cheaper option for moving your belongings, but will obviously take much longer. It is also slightly less reliable, as ocean freighters face more weather concerns and alternative paths. Ocean freight is used by businesses all over the world, however, and as long as you can handle the longer waiting time, this is definitely a trusted method that will eventually get you your belongings.

For those moving house within the country, you may still need a freight company to assist you. Again, many regular moving companies will have limits on how far they will transport your belongings, so you’ll need another option. Ground freight companies can load your boxed belongings and potentially move you in one single day, getting you into your home, faster. Ground freight can also be train freight that will move your belongings further on land than a truck will.

Relocating a business

Just like moving a house, moving a business will probably require professional help. Most companies that are larger than a one person show will require a freight company for assistance. If you’re looking to keep your business up and running as quickly as possible after the move, make sure you’ve enlisted the help of a reputable freight company to do the dirty work on your moving day.

If you’re relocating your business overseas, you’ll have some of the same decisions to make when moving a home overseas. Time will probably be your biggest concern in this case, however, as you will want to lose as few working days as possible. Look for the air and ocean freight transports in this case, rather than ground transport.

There you have it; ways which we need to use freight that we don’t usually think of, and how to prepare for the costs associated. As mentioned above, being prepared and equipped with information is the best way to go about preparing to use freight, so hopefully you feel more prepared after reading this article to shop around and find the best deal!

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