Blockchain technology is not a new concept, but when you talk about it in relation to the automotive industry, many car manufacturers have still not started the process yet. Many car manufacturers believe that blockchain will soon have a huge impact on the way that we build and produce cars. The technology that blockchain can bring will affect all aspects of the vehicle. For example, when your vehicle needs a tyre replacement or wheel alignment, blockchain will be able to transfer this data very quickly to the service centre that may be conducting the repairs or just be able to transmit that information to you via an app. The applications that blockchain technology can introduce to the automotive industry are numerous. We will now take a look at some of the areas that may be impacted by the introduction of blockchain technology.

The Interior

The interior in a new vehicle will have been planned and designed for a number of months, even years, to make sure that the final design is perfect for production. The design has to be ergonomically friendly and also has to make sure that it has the latest technology that is on offer so that the new vehicle will stand out from the crowd. The interior of a vehicle is where you spend most of your time; therefore it is vital to get this aspect right. Auto upholstery is something that manufacturers take great pride and care in when producing. The seats and furnishings have to be comfortable, but yet hard wearing so that they can they can withstand the battering and damage that they will receive on a daily basis. Blockchain will allow manufacturers to be able to communicate the latest information and data in relation to the upholstery of the vehicle. It will also be a quick way to transact data payment and information from company to company as well as from supplier to supplier.

The Exterior

Both the interior and the exterior of a vehicle are very important, as these aspects are what you will see on a daily basis. You want to make sure that your vehicle is good looking enough for you to like it, but at the same time, it has to be well engineered so that you know that you are getting a good quality product. When we talk about the exterior, we can also consider aspects such as the engine,the wheels and the transmission. If the vehicle needs a routine service, blockchain technology will now play a part in this role. The garage that you visit will be able to communicate with your vehicle via an app or some other form of reading device on the vehicle, and then also be able to communicate data to the service centre so that any repairs or servicing parts need replacing we are there at the touch of a button. The speed of blockchain will really speed up the process of getting your car back on the road after its service. The technology will become so advanced that even radiator replacement parts will be able to be ordered before the vehicle has even arrived at the centre.

The technology could be expanded even further, for example, when your vehicle needs to go into car storage. So if you are going on holiday or your vehicle is more suited to a certain climate, then your phone could communicate with your local car storage centre to make sure that they have space and let them know that your vehicle is on its way. It may sound like a simple thing but this kind of data transfer is vital in the modern society that we live in. For decades, car manufacturers have been looking at ways to improve the vehicles that we drive. Cars now need to be fully interactive. The fact that, in the future, we will be able to link our cars to our phones and operate them with the aid of an app will give us, the customer, the chance to finally interact with our vehicles.


Vehicle servicing has always been an area that car manufacturers have tried to streamline over the years. Most cars will need some form of service or repair in its lifetime. As most of us now rely on our vehicles, the less time a vehicle spends in a garage, the better it is for us, the customer. Even when you get a courtesy car in replacement of your own vehicle, there is still a process to follow when you go in to a car garage as you have to wait and fill in forms which can take up to an hour in some cases. However, with this advancement in blockchain, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. The data transfer speed that these vehicles will be fitted with will be able to communicate with the garage to ensure that all the necessary paperwork is completed before you even reach the garage. It is this kind of timesaving efficiency that really will change the way in which we transport ourselves around.

As you can see from the above, there are many advances that blockchain will create in the automotive industry. Many of the car manufacturers are still reluctant to take on this new technology, but the ones that are using the technology already are starting to see the benefit of this new futuristic technology. Some of the leading car manufacturers in the industry are predicting that by 2022, we will see most car manufacturers taking this technology on board and using it to the best that they can to make customers even happier with their vehicles and the service received.

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