What’s happening around the world in automobiles? What are the best deal cars right now and how does one go about finding the right car dealership? We’ll look at all of this, as well as a bit of news in the global auto industry world. 


Nissan Leaf

In New Zealand specifically, the Nissan Leaf is a great electric car to own right now. Nissan has committed to replacing the battery on the older Generation 1 Leaf models, which are about ready to need the replacement. The new prototype claims that it will boost power over 70% over the original battery, which will be a massive help to Kiwi drivers. This will hopefully help owners from having to turn in their vehicle into car scrap early, and keep their Leaf running for much longer. Besides these upgrades, the Leaf is a fairly affordable electric car that is built to last. It’s also very family friendly and will suit those who are looking for a practical hatchback to drive around town. 


While none of the Tesla vehicles might be a viable and affordable option for many of us, it’s still one of the best and leading electric car brands on the market. The Tesla Model S hits our best of list because of its insane power, as well as its ability to go the mile, literally. This model can reach up to 300 miles before a charge is needed, which is better than many, if not most electric cars on the market right now. While it will never be a budget car, it certainly is an amazing option for those of us who can afford it. 

Renault Zoe 

And for those of us looking for the best deal car in the electric world, we’re looking at you, Renault Zoe. If you’re located in the United Kingdom, this vehicle comes in as the cheapest on the market, and yet still packs a punch. You’ll get approximately 180-200 miles on one charge out of this bad boy, which is plenty to bop about town or even a longer day trip. 

Remember when looking to buy a car, to always look for car deals first. Many different dealerships, large and small, will offer periodic deals that you’ll want to wait for. If you have your eye on a particular vehicle, use your internet research skills to find out if any area dealership is offering great deals at the moment. Also remember that these deals are often cyclical, so if there isn’t one at the moment, bide your time until the next one if possible. Deals to especially look out for involve car loan finance, like 0% interest, or a long and comprehensive warranty. Here’s a great article with plenty of extra tips for finding the best deal. 


When you’re just starting to look at dealerships to purchase from, you might be inundated with information that may or not be accurate, and it can be hard to find the best one for you. Here’s a few tips to find one that will suit you. 


As with anything, always look at reviews. Don’t be overly sold by either really positive or really negative reviews. Look at the general trend of the reviews, especially if reviews have gotten better or worse over the years. Try and sift out the bad reviews that don’t seem reasonable or valid to avoid skewing your opinion, and look for reviews that are detailed and specific, versus general praise or complaints. Click here for more information about spotting a fake review. And of course, reach out to your family and friends to get their own personal recommendations. 


What kind of inventory does a dealership have? Obviously you’re going to want to go with a place that has the types of vehicles you’re looking for, but it’s also good to see what else is available and what kind of vehicles tend to come in. Perhaps your number one option isn’t available, but there’s plenty of that style of vehicle, so it’s possible it will be available at a later time. 


This is likely a long-term relationship, considering you’ll probably bring your car there for service, or in the future if you want to trade it in. Keep this in mind when looking at dealers and see what kind of service they provide, and really if you just have a good feeling about the place. The best car dealer will be one that you can trust, and building that is important with a new dealership. 


In a more negative tone, Ford has recently announced plans to slash 12,000 jobs in Europe by 2020. This news comes at a bad time for Europe, with Brexit looming and uncertainty around the Euro’s value. Ford has around 20 percent of its workforce in Europe, which will be a huge cut to both the company itself and the companies located in Europe. 

Part of the reason for these job slashes is an overwhelming trend of car ownership decreasing. We’ve looked at this in previous months, but it continues to be a strong trend. Younger people are less likely to own a car, or even get their driver’s license at all, and things like car sharing or carpooling is becoming more and more popular. Even taking a taxi is preferable for many young people who don’t want to deal with putting on their knee shin guards and dealing with car maintenance or the responsibility of owning a car. In the UK alone, car sales were down in the biggest drop since the financial crisis, and it’s clear this trend is a global one. What is even more surprising is the decrease in car ownership and interest in the US, as this country is known for things like its epic road trips, suburb living, and weak public transportation. Time will only tell if we begin to rely more heavily on cars in the future of automated vehicles. 

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