Where you live in the world will often determine how busy this month in the automotive industry is. In the United Kingdom, September is one of their two new registration months. The month of September is very busy when it comes to preparing all the new and used vehicles. Buying a new car is one of the biggest parts of the car industry as it’s this process that generates all the revenue. Many of us look to a car finance calculator to find the best car finance deals.

Finding the best used cars is also a very popular search around this time of year, as consumers are looking for the best deals, whether they are buying a new or used. Commercial vans are also searched around the time of new registrations. As commercial users will be upgrading and trading in their old vehicles which can come into use for smaller firms that may not have a big van budget. Used caravans and motorhomes are also seen on the market at this time of year as families that change their vehicles often tend to think it’s time to upgrade their holiday vehicles too.


Motor racing is becoming more and more popular as there are a number of different types of racing that suits all tastes. Currently, the F1 champion, Lewis Hamilton, is enjoying a commanding lead in the driver championship. However, the Ferrari team has seen an improvement in their performance over the summer break and have won the last two Grand Prix. This will give the current leaders Mercedes something to think about. 

The new hybrid technology in Formula 1 has proved that the sport can still be exciting, even though the engines are now part electric. Motorcycle gears and parts remain generally unchanged. Formula E has taken the hybrid concept one step further and offer its spectators fully electric car racing. There is still a long way to go as it lacks the traditionally heard noise and occasion that F1 offers, but in the years to come, we may see more of this type of racing hit the mainstream. 

Motor racing has always been a sport that offers its followers more than just a day at the racetrack. The hospitality side is also very big business and this attracts those that are just accompanying the race fans. Many venues offer seating around the track, but there is also plenty of grassed areas where fans can sit when the weather is good and many spectators take knee protection to protect their knees when they kneeling to see the action. Often, seasoned race fans also take a number of other items that will also help their enjoyment. Items such as waterproof clothing and binoculars. 

New Models

Car manufacturers bring new models out at any point in the year. They usually start with one vehicle and then work through the range to update all the models. If we consider BMW first. BMW has always produced a number of cars in their range, but when one has a facelift, they usually do the same to all their other models too throughout the year. When a car manufacturer brings out a new or face-lifted vehicle, they usually showcase it at motor shows. As times have moved on, car manufacturers are now showing more of their technical advances rather than just the look of a vehicle. Pressure is now mounting for vehicles to be more environmentally friendly, so new advances in this aspect are being highlighted more and more. There has been a real push on extending the range of electric vehicles and also the speed that they charge at.

Driverless Cars

Driverless cars have been trending for a number of years now and we are starting to hear more and more about the successes that they are having in this industry. As we have mentioned above, the need for vehicles to be more environmentally friendly is gaining more pace. Driverless cars will not only be good for the environment, but they will also be great for reducing stress on the work commute. There are a number of options available for the use of driverless cars. Once proper infrastructure has been put in place, we will soon begin to see many changes in the way we travel around.

Car Sales

Car sales across the world have slowed with the growing concerns over the world economy. As mentioned previously, the car industry is making big changes in the way we use our cars. This has a cost impact on the consumer as new advances cost more money. There is also concern that this new technology may not have the infrastructure to be able to charge the vehicles when needed. Many large cities around the globe are making changes to try and accommodate the changing car market. The concern for many motorists is that these cars will not have enough charging points or they will end up stranded if they have long charging times. Petrol and diesel cars have always been very easy to refuel as there are fuel stations in most places. The other advantage to this type of fuel is that the re-fuelling process is very quick so you don’t have to wait long when it comes to charging times. This has always been a major plus when we a re-using our vehicles for work and for personal use.

There are many aspects trending in the automotive industry at present.  The car industry will be producing many headlines over the next few months as we see these changes taking place. This is an exciting time for the consumer as the industry tries to win the business of new customers. Only time will tell how these changes pan out and if they are successful, it’s convincing the general public that electric and driverless cars are the way forward. Even public transport will improve with this technology which is another bonus.

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