Buying a pre-owned car in New Zealand is a cost-efficient transport choice if you plan to stay for an extended period. While most sellers are honest and deals go well, there are things to be wary of. Below, you will find some tips to simplify the process of buying a used car.
Vehicle Inspection Tips

If possible, inspect the vehicle on a sunny, dry day because you’re more likely to see the car in its real condition. Take time to look over all the vehicle’s parts. Don’t take the seller’s word as to the car’s condition. The following things may help you in your inspection.

  • A checklist of factors to examine
  • A small magnet to detect concealed rust repairs
  • A torch for an easier look under the car’s bonnet
  • A knowledgeable friend
  • An aa vehicle check is a simple way to find out which repairs a vehicle may need.

Check the Car’s Paperwork

Before buying a used vehicle, check that its WOF (Warrant of Fitness) is current. The WOF signifies that the vehicle is fit to use on the road, and older cars must have a WOF test every six months. If you buy a car “as is”, you’ll need to take it directly from the seller to an inspection station or garage to get a WOF. In some cases, you may have to get the car repaired after getting an aa car check to get it up to the warrant standard. It’s important to check the car’s registration sticker, which is displayed on its windscreen, and to renew it if necessary.

Get a Car Check Before Buying

Before buying a used car, insist on having it professionally inspected at a garage or through the Automobile Association. An aa car check will provide you and the seller with a report listing recommended repairs. It’s also wise to get a history check on any vehicle you purchase, as it can tell you if the car has an inaccurate odometer, has been stolen, or if it is under a lien.

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