The excitement of buying your first car is like nothing else. Whether it’s a new or used car, the feeling is still the same. We all have dreams about the type of car we would like to own but often we must be realistic and buy the type of car that would suit our current life situation and what we can afford. Let’s take a look at some of the areas that you may need to do when you own a car.


Regular cleaning of the inside and outside of your car will help keep it looking in good condition. Regular vacuuming will also help keep the interior carpet looking fresh and clean. If you clean the outside with car shampoo rather than washing up liquid, this will help maintain the metal on the outside of the vehicle. Using washing up liquid could cause corrosion as some washing up liquids contain salt. Use these tips for more help with cleaning it.

When it comes to getting your car cleaned professionally, there are a few car washing facilities available.  Your local petrol station may have an automatic car wash that you drive into to get a basic clean. There are also several attended car washes that offer a complete valet or just a basic brush up. Attended car washes cost a little more, but they clean your vehicle in greater depth and can often bring your dirty car back to showroom condition.

Safety Inspections

Safety inspections are something all cars require as over time, certain safety critical parts could fail. The inspection is very important as it will highlight any issues that you may not be aware of. Most test centres are easy to access and some even allow you to turn up without an appointment. On arrival you will book your car in and hand your keys over to the testing technician. They will then start the test and once completed, they will supply you with a report to see if the vehicle has passed or failed. If the vehicle passes it will be given the warrant of fitness certificate. However, if the vehicle fails you will need to get whatever it failed on repaired before you can have it re tested.  


Car repairs is an area that you will eventually need to consider as a car a car ages. The parts will suffer from wear and tear, you may require engine repairs, a radiator repair in Onehunga, transmission repair and even exhaust systems will need to be maintained at some point. You may not encounter all these types of repairs in the same vehicle but over time you may encounter something. Car repairs often start with something that you have noticed, i.e. a noise, a leak or a smell, or you may just have had a warning light to alert you that something maybe wrong. When this happens most motor mechanics or car garages will try and diagnose your car’s problems.


Checking the condition of tyres is an important area to take into consideration. New tyre cost varies from company to company, so it is worth checking your vehicle’s tyre size to see what future replacement cost would be. Not all tyres are the same, the brand can make a difference to the cost. There is even a difference between what type of use the tyre will be used for.

Tyres are a safety critical part, so making sure that you have the tyre for your driving use will help you stay safe on the roads. When visiting a tyre centre the tyre fitter will check your size of tyre and then offer a number options to suit your budget. New cars come out of the factory with branded tyres including, Continental, Goodyear and Dunlop, these are just a few out of many. Once these wear down, you then have the choice to change them to an alternative brand or use a more affordable tyre manufacturer.


Vehicle serving is a vital part of car ownership. All manufacturers have a service schedule that you ideally need to stick to. When your vehicle completes a certain amount of mileage or one year of ownership has passed, a vehicle service is usually required. Servicing your vehicle may also prevent expensive repairs. Most car manufactures have details on what will happen when your car comes in. If it’s a basic service, this can often be done in a morning or an afternoon. Major servicing often takes longer, so in some cases you may be offered a courtesy car.

After Market

After market modification has become a great way of making your car stand out. You can change many parts on a car to change the look or the power of the car. Tinting your windows is a great way of giving your car a more luxury look and at the same time offering some added security, as it’s not easy to see into the vehicle when it is parked up.

Changing your lights or adding spoilers can also add to the look of your vehicle. These types of modifications are usually done at a modification centre. You can take your car in and look thorough some brochures to see what choices you have for your particular car. Body styling is different to engine modification as engines are usually completed by a garage mechanic or a vehicle tuning centre. Technicians will be on hand to advise you on what type of modifications you can have on your vehicle and help you work out if the modification will make you need to upgrade anything else on your vehicle to ensure it remains safe to drive.

As you can see from the above there are several aspects to consider when owning and bringing your car into a garage. If you are new to car ownership you will soon notice that most garages follow the same principles. So, once you have been once or twice to a car centre,you will soon understand how it works.

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