Once your car has reached the end of its life, you may be left wondering about what actually happens to your car once it reaches the auto dismantlers. As you can imagine a place that dismantles cars requires all kinds of equipment. To start with we will take a look at some of the types of equipment that is on site, parts, advantages to using a wrecker and we will also take a look at the journey your car takes.

Electric Forklifts

Electric forklifts are a heavy-duty truck that have zero or low emissions but are capable of picking up large, heavy loads. This is an ideal piece of equipment for a dismantling site. They are useful from when the vehicle first enters the wreckers as they have the ability to pick up a vehicle and move it to a location for storage until it is to be crushed. Electric forklifts are also able to help with some of the saved products that will be removed for your vehicle such as exhaust trims and engines, therefore they have many uses.

Container Handling Forklifts

These forklifts can be even bigger than an electric forklift and are often powered by diesel. In some wrecker’s yards these forklifts are fixed in position so that when a heavy haulage truck carrying a container comes in, they are able to pick the container off of the back of a truck and move it to a location on site ready for emptying. It is not unusual for these containers to contain vehicles waiting to be stripped down for their parts or to contain parts of vehicles that have already been stripped.


Some wrecker’s yards have giant crushers which are able to take a vehicle and crush it to a point where it is compacted to a fraction of its former size. In the past, these crushers used to crush everything without having to think about any parts which could be recycled. These days however, many car wreckers are focused on stripping as much of the vehicle down as possible to eliminate excessive waste which can damage the environment. Most modern vehicles are designed in such a way that the majority of the vehicles that have been used are able to be recycles or used again on other vehicles. In your vehicles lifetime, there may have been a number of tyres that have been changed and this product will have gone through a similar process as the rest of the vehicle as car tyres are now broken down and used for other rubber products. Occasionally, they may even be used to create new tyres again.

Magnetic Cranes

Magnetic cranes are still used to pick up the final crushed product. Although over the years their usage has reduced as more of a vehicle is being recycled. They are also useful in moving large amounts of metal quickly around a wrecker’s yard which is vital as space is premium in a wrecker’s yard.

The Journey Your Car Takes

Once your vehicle has hit the end of the road, the vehicle can be taken to a car wrecker. Once it arrives here the vehicle will be stripped of all its reusable parts which can be sold on to help repair other vehicles that are still on the road. Small components such as light housings, alternators, ignition coils, radiators, head gaskets, nuts and bolts or any electric motors that power auxiliary components in your vehicle can be removed and sold on.

The reminder of the vehicle is then broken down so that the metal is left. The metal is then sent to an appropriate place. For example, some of this mental which is steel can be used to make new vehicles. The steel is collected by a metal merchant and made into a new reusable product. This is then sent and sold to supply raw materials for car manufacturers. As you can imagine, steel has many uses around the world so it may be used in the manufacturing of something that not car related at all.  


Your vehicle produces many different parts, as mentioned above. If your current vehicle has a mechanical issue then there are many options available to you when sourcing a part.  Most car mechanics will argue that your vehicle will run best if it has a genuine part fitted rather than opting for a car part which has been produced by a third party which will made to the same specification.  The advantage to using a part produced by a third-party s that not only is it new but it will also be a cheaper option to having a brand new genuine part. However, when we consider car wrecker parts, these parts are often in full working order and have plenty of life left in them and can be used for a longer period of time. As these parts are used, they will also carry a lower price tag and they will be highly regarded as they are a genuine part. It is often thought that using a genuine used part will be more compatible with existing components present in the vehicle already.


As you can see the final journey that your vehicle makes is fairly straightforward. Taking your car to a car wrecker is not on advantageous to the environment, in many cases car wreckers will pay you to take your vehicle off of your hands. The more in demand your vehicle is, the money you will receive.

We have provided you an outline of what happens to your vehicle if you take it to a car wrecker. Car wreckers are vital in helping governments to attain their environmental targets as well as being an integral part of producing good quality used parts for car repair centres.

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