Identifying the right type of motorbike can be an overwhelming process. Things may get confusing, a lot of terminologies is thrown around and there are so many different categories of bikes to select from. The high price tags attached also mean that your motorbike choice shouldn’t be taken lightly either. The key to being satisfied with your motorbike is not just about the best motorbike out there but also in finding the most suitable motorbike for you and the sort of riding you want to do. Most people have a clear understanding of the type of motorbike they want to ride, some do not. If you’re indecisive on the right type of motorbike for you, read on to know the type that best suits you.


If you have to do fast riding then you need a sportbike. Sportbikes are specifically built to do one thing- fast track riding. As some have been adjusted to be in the best position for street riding, including changes like looser suspension, they are still the sportbikes that are focused on fastest performance, acceleration, braking and handling. Although they are lightweight and very powerful they are really not as comfortable as other kinds of motorbikes. Sportbikes used to be the kind of motorbike that requires the rider to take part in advanced or functional training. Now, there are a wide variety of sportbike models that are designed for beginners or riders with little experience. This type of motorbike is suitable for commuting highways and riding over 55mph. All of the awesome aspects of sportbikes are built with the highest technology available. Some luxuries such as fuel economy, price and practicality are forgone, including the higher cost of insurance, especially for less-experienced riders. Safety measures should be taken when riding sportbikes. Ensure you wear appropriate knee protector for motorcycle and motocross shinguards to protect yourself against injuries. Failure to wear the proper safety wears could lead to serious injuries including causing inflammation to the Achilles tendon. Get an Achilles tendon pain treatment if an incident should occur. 


The cruiser motorcycle is one of the most recognisable motorbikes on the streets. This type of motorbike is highly suitable for new or less-experienced riders due to its easy-to-use features and comfortability when riding. They feature low seats that enable you to seat in an upright or lean-back position and its low-speed torque engine facilitates a better riding experience. In addition, they are equipped with saddlebags, a windscreen and a backrest which make them serve as excellent touring bikes capable of covering a long distance. Cruisers are usually heavier than most motorcycles and it can get very challenging when navigating around tight corners. It provides some benefits to riders such as good gas mileage, great speed, long rides over 55mph. There are a wide variety of cruisers, each type with its own pros and cons. Some are equipped with more aggressive performance and handling while others are suitable for long-distance riding with good looking features. 

Understanding the functionality of each type will help you in Deciding the type that is right for you. This type of motorbike has undoubtedly made a name in the motorbike world and a massive one at that. It shows clearly why every modern manufacturer offers a cruiser motorbike in its showroom.


Dual sports motorbikes are equipped with dual-purpose functionality that enables riders to explore trails as well as the streets. This type of motorbikes tends to feature a motor suitable for long-distance riding as well as a long-travel suspension for riding off-road. Dual sports motorbikes are versatile as they are street legal and capable of riding along the highway so there are more opportunities to gain experience while exploring a range of trails and roads. They are easy to handle and offer good gas mileage. They are also suitable for riding under 55mph. If you’re looking to get a more street-oriented dual sport motorbike, there are several kinds you can consider. An example is a supermoto- it is dual-sport motorbike equipped with 17-inch wheels and street tyres. If you engage in sports, you can ask a fitness expert to recommend the best tasting protein powder for you.


Standard motorbikes are basically what it sounds like, its a regular simple motorbike. They offer nearly all the functions of a full-on sportbike but equipped with better seating features and an extra overall utility. This type of motorbike often have retro styling and are a bit minimalistic. This segment is rapidly growing to show great promise in the electric bike segment. Though not equipped with advanced tech features or state-of-the-art features, standard motorbikes are great solid machines that are highly suitable for riding along the streets. Their performance level does not typically measure up to other advanced motorbikes but they make for really good commuters and are good at keeping up on the highway. They can be easy to customise and sometimes people prefer to transform them into scramblers, racers and others. 


Adventure bikes are basically like dual-sports that offer on- and- off-road capability. They are suitable for long-distance riding especially if the surface of the road is not paved well enough. This type of motorbike is typically tall and heavy. Due to their immense weight, they can prove tough sometimes especially when riding along harsh terrains but if they fall short off-road they seem easy to repair. Their ability to go long distances and comfortable seating position makes them suitable for highway travel. They also offer space for a travel partner and good gas mileage.


Scooters are often used by city dwellers as they are the easiest to ride two-wheeler motorbike out there. They come in different sizes ranging from 50cc city versions suitable for a single rider to 650cc ( a larger version) offering a two-person seating feature that can go far and beyond. Scooters provide some benefits to riders such as good gas mileage, riding short distances and riding distances under 55mph. Bigger scooters are suitable for larger riders and a locking luggage space.

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