When it comes to driving, we all have an ideal car. It may be that you are really into sports cars but you have a family to consider. When the time arises to buy a new car or when you choose to buy used vehiclesyou have to make sure that the car you buy will suit your needs. There are many aspects to consider when buying a new car and below we look at some key areas to consider first, including taking a special look at Japanese imports for your family’s needs. 

New or used 

New or used vehicles both have their advantages. If you buy new, you may be able to get a better quality vehicle than if you have to buy used. There are many cheap second hand cars for sale and if you wanted to view used family cars, then there that just focus on family vehicles. Another advantage of buying used is that they will have started to depreciate, which means they will have lost their new car premium. 

If you have a smaller budget cheap used cars may be the only option you have, but this doesn’t mean that these cars are not as good. Often very cheap cars may be older and less prestigious, but they will be more than capable of being driven everyday. If you have the budget to buy new, then you will be the owner that picks the colour and specification of the vehicle. The advantage to this is that you have your choice of what you want and you don’t have to compromise The other advantage to new is that the vehicle will often come with its manufacturer’s warranty. This kind of piece of mind is important if you have a family.

Family Cars

As we have mentioned above, having a reliable family car is often high on the agenda for families, so making sure you have the best is important. Japanese import cars are often regarded as the most reliable and seem to last the longest. They are often cheaper than non-Japanese vehicles, which makes then very attractive to families. 

There are a wide range of vehicles to choose from ranging from your standard family sudan to larger SUV type vehicles. Japanese imports also offer something a little different as they are often packed with gadgets that make the driving experience much better so family cars don’t have to be boring, as there are some cars out there that still have driving appeal, whilst at the same time offering family comfort. The number of seats required in your family car can also vary. Some family cars can have a little as four adults seats, where some go as far as eight seats. The larger 8-seater vehicles can still offer a fun drive, as long as you buy the correct one. When families buy larger vehicles they are often looking for storage space as one of the main criteria. 


Engines should never be overlooked when looking at the best car for you. There are so many choices out there, so getting the correct choice is really important. You can choose between petrol or diesel and now there’s also hybrid or electric. All of these have different engines and each has their advantages, depending on how you use your vehicle. If you do a lot of miles or kilometres, then an electric may prove to be perfect for your needs. Electric vehicles are very cheap to run and they often have a range of a hundred and fifty miles on one charge. However, if you need to do more miles or you are a family that can tot up a lot of miles, then a petrol or diesel engine may be the better option for you. Bear in mind, fossil-fueled cars are slowly being phased out in favour of more greener power sources.

Body Type

The type of vehicle you pick is overlooked until you start viewing cars. The family car can come in a sedan, hatchback, estate or SUV. All of these are very capable of carrying your family around with ease. Estates and SUV’s often have a larger luggage capacity, so if you are a larger family these may be a better option. 

Japanese car manufacturers have a large amount of choice, so finding one that suits should not be difficult. Many styles of the family car have been designed to be fashionable as well, so now you are able to get sporty cars that can still transport your family around. The level of luxury has also increased, so being in a family car can now be a pleasant place to be.

Environmentally friendly 

Finally, and by no means the least aspect to consider, is how green your vehicle is. By green, we mean how environmentally friendly the vehicle is. We have seen a massive upsurge in the use of electric cars. As these vehicles improve, this will be the way forward when it comes to motoring. Even petrol and diesel vehicles have been developed to be cleaner for the environment. When buying your next car, look at how the vehicle is built and how much of it is recyclable. This information can be gathered from the manufacturer and you then can compare each manufacturer and model to see which is best. 

It’s clear to see that there are a number of aspects to consider when buying your next car. Japanese vehicles do make an excellent choice for the family, but it is always worth doing lots of research to see what options are available. Depending on what type of car you decide on buying, there will be lots of choice at the car dealers you go to, so it is always worth seeing the vehicles in the flesh before you make your final decision. 

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